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Anzac Day ceremonies

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Anzac Day ceremonies, poems and marches
(See also separate Speeches, Poems and Music pages)




Organising a ceremony

Anzac Day ceremony outline
[archived one-page DVA pdf file]

Anzac Day ceremony outline [pdf ] (Archived from Department of Veterans' Affairs website)

Covers the flag protocol (lowering the flag to half mast), catafalque party (guard of four service personnel used in a formal ceremony), hymn, prayer/reading/poem, commemorative address, wreath/poppy laying, the Ode, the Last Post, Minute's Silence, the Rouse, the National Anthem. (This one-page document is illustrated at the right.)

Conduct an event (
Provides a general outline for a commemorative event such as an Anzac Day or Remembrance Day ceremony. However, more detailed information is provided in the pdf document 'Organising a commemorative ceremony' listed as the next item, below.

Also provides:
- music files or download (but also see our Anzac Day music page)
- sample speeches (but also see our Anzac Day speeches page)

Organising a commemorative ceremony [pdf] (

Organising a commemorative ceremony
[current 11-page DVA pdf file]

This document is more detailed than the one above, and it outlines a general commemorative ceremony that can be adapted for either Anzac Day or Remembrance Day. It begins by presenting a ceremony outline, including the approximate time each stage can be expected to take. Then it provides more information about each stage.

The following links take you directly to the sections of a saved copy of this pdf document (but if you intend to browse through a number of them, it will be quicker to use the above version from

- Traditional ceremony outline with approximate lengths of time for each stage.
- The introduction: could be given by the Principal or a student.
- Hymns and contemporary music
       (Note that we have a special page on Music for Anzac Day ceremonies.)
- Prayers, Readings. Poetry. Poems: For the Fallen, In Flanders Fields, We Shall Keep the Faith.
       (Note that we have a special page on Anzac Day poems.)
- Commemorative address: speaker, subject, sample speeches.
       (Note that we have a special page on Anzac Day speeches.)
- Wreath laying: rosemary, laurel, poppies.
       (See also the Poppy Time page The poppy and remembrance.)
- The Ode of Remembrance
       (See also our special page on Anzac Day poems.)
- The Last Post
       (For sound files see our Music for Anzac Day ceremonies page.)
- One Minute's Silence
- The Rouse
       (For sound files see our Music for Anzac Day ceremonies page.)
- National Anthems (Australian or New Zealand, or both)
       (For sound files see our Music for Anzac Day ceremonies page.)
- Catafalque party

Commemoration Service for Anzac Day (
- Service outline
(See also Brief version suitable for primary schools)
- Anzac Requiem
- Hymns
- Prayers
- The Ode
- Flag protocol

Anzac Day Ceremonies (
Australian War Memorial site.

The Anzac Requiem (
From the Western Australia Branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia.

Their Spirit: Our History [pdf]
See pages 32-40 on commemorating Anzac Day and planning an Anzac Day ceremony.

The ceremony - Anzac Day (New Zealand History Online)
The dawn service, the Anzac parade.

Anzac Day Kit (
A kit to support schools presenting Anzac Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies, based on the use of two contemporary songs, is available for purchase from Dogmatic Music. To listen to the songs, see our Modern song alternatives section and choose Lest We Forget and Australia Remembers.

 ● See also: Remembrance Day Ceremonies



The Anzac Day speeches section is now on a separate page.

The Anzac Day poems section is now on a separate page.

Song lyrics War to End Wars (
"So many years have gone by..."

For music files and sheet music see Music (Anzac Day ceremonies)

See also Music for ceremonies (Remembrance Day)

History and explanations The Dawn Service (Royal Australian Air Force)

The Dawn Sevice
[pdf] (Anzac Day Media Style Guide 2013 pages 16-19)
Clarifies the terminology, discusses whether to write "dawn service" or "Dawn Service" and examines the elements of a dawn service and associated activities: catafalque party, Ode of Remembrance, silence, Reveille and Rouse, gunfire breakfast, Anzac Day march, commemoration service, follow-on and two-up.

The Rouse and the Reveille (

Explanation from the Australian Army of the roles of the Rouse and the Reveille.

The Last Post (
, previously at

The Last Post (Royal Australian Air Force)

The Rouse and the Reveille (Australian War Memorial)

The Poppy is for Sacrifice (
"In Australia, single poppies are not usually worn on ANZAC Day - the poppy belongs to Remembrance Day, 11 November. However, wreaths of poppies are traditionally placed at memorials and honour boards on ANZAC Day."

Anzac Day: the commemoration ( Interactive Schooling)
The beginnings, the changes to the Anzac Day commemoration, how it is commemorated, Anzac Day in current times. (The site is a commercial site that requires membership to access further material.) For a dot-point summary, see Gallipoli and the ANZACs Chapter 5: The commemoration.
Protocols Protocols [pdf] (Anzac Day Media Style Guide 2013 p. 20)
Wearing medals, rosemary, poppies, colour patches (the guide has been prepared primarily for members of the media).
Marches Order of March [pdf] (Anzac Day Media Style Guide 2013 p. 33)
The organisation of marches on Anzac Day.
Reflecting Anzac Day (
Memories of organising a school Anzac Day ceremony.

Reflections from Anzac Day (
News about ceremonies and marches Queensland school Anzac ceremonies may play New Zealand anthem ( 11 Jan 2010
Queensland schools are being told they may play the New Zealand national anthem as part of their Anzac Day ceremonies.
And then:
Anna Bligh defended over New Zealand anthem on Anzac Day ( 15 Jan 2010
The report points out that the New Zealand anthem has been played since 2005 and claims the recent message to schools promoting the anthem had caused "public outrage".

God Save The Queen dropped from Anzac Day service (
ABC News, 13 April 2010

International Commemorations (
Anzac Day ceremonies around the world.

Descendants of Veterans WW2 and Post WW2 Association (
Promotes the participation of descendants of veterans in Anzac Day marches.
Videos Anzac Day Dawn Service, NZ (
Video based on an Anzac Day Dawn Service held at the Auckland War Museum (3mins 57secs).
Anzac Day events Anzac Day: Ceremonies and other events in Australia (
Ceremonies, exhibitions and other Anzac Day (and Remembrance Day) events around Australia.

ANZAC Day Events (archived from
Scroll down for a list of Anzac Day events (dawn services, marches, two-up, Australian Rules football matches).



Lesson activities

Understanding Anzac Day - past, present, future [pdf] (
Historical sources and activities to support focus questions:
- How have we commemorated Gallipoli and Anzac Day in the past?
- How do we commemorate Anzac Day today?

ANZAC: Where history and spirit meet (
See especially pages 3-4 (Parts of a commemoration ceremony) and pages 14-16.
See also Teacher's Manual.

● See: Dawn Service printable and interactive word searches
● See also Classroom activities


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