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Aboriginals in World War 1:
WA lists
Lists of names of Western Australian Aboriginals who served in in World War 1

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that these pages contain images and names of deceased people as well as links to pages containing such material.

WA lists of names Western Australian lists  WA
We cannot find a single list of all Aboriginal soldiers from Western Australia who fought in World War 1. (If you know of one please let us know.) However, the information from the three sources below may be useful:

Extracted from AIATSIS nominal roll [archived pdf]

3019 Pte Harold Collard 3 Pnr Bn Mount Kokeby, WA W1
3011 Pte Lewis Collard 3 Pnr Bn Beverley, WA.
6626 Pte Joseph Crowley 7 Inf Bn Kalgoorlie, WA. W1
4808 Cpl Augustus Pegg Farmer MM 16 Inf Bn Katanning, WA. KIA
4604 Pte Kenneth Farmer 16 Inf Bn Katanning, WA. Later re-enlisted
3373A Pte Kenneth Farmer (same as above) 28Inf Bn Katanning, WA. W1
621 Pte Laurie Farmer 28 Inf Bn Katanning, WA. KIA
421 Pte Lewis Farmer 28 Inf Bn Katanning, WA. W1
Pte Frank Hedlam Depot Peak Hill, WA. Disch
6919 Pte Thomas Massey 28 Inf Bn Kalgoorlie, WA.
2232A Tpr Horace McMurray, 4 LHR Northampton, WA.
1310 LCpl Charles Gordon Naley, 16 Inf Bn Eucla, WA. W1 POW

Comment from Perhaps the last name - Charles Gordon Naley - should read "Gordon Charles Naley".

Extracted from AIATSIS honour roll [archived pdf]

From Western Australia (but born in Victoria):

CASTLES, Edward Harley (11th Bn) - born Heathcote. Vic. Died Of Wounds

From They Served with Honour [pdf] (
(The 13 WA Aboriginals who served at Gallipoli)

James Dickerson
Lawrence (Larry) Farmer
Lewis Farmer
Charles Hutchins
William John Jackson
Fred Lockyer
Randell Mason
William Mason
Arthur McCallum
James Melbourne
Gordon Charles Naley
Frederick Leslie Sayers
Claude Shaw

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