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Display: Light Horse equipment

Original World War 1 items - water bottle, slouch hat and round mess kit containing a dixie

This display includes an original World War 1 water bottle and a round mess kit containing a dixie. A dixie is a mess tin for holding stew or other doled out food. A slouch hat (based on the current style) can be seen on the right.

World War 1 gas mask for a horse

A gas mask for a horse

World War 1 saddle

A World War 1 saddle

World War 1 saddle wallets

World War 1 saddle wallets. These saddle wallets and the saddle would have been used within Australia - for quarantine reasons those used overseas were not brought back.

Lighthorseman's jacket, slouch hat, ammunition pouches, leather pockets

The lighthorseman's jacket, slouch hat, ammunition pouches (around the waist), six leather pockets for two 15-round clips for the Hotchkiss machine gun (across chest).

Colours of the 22nd Light Horse

The colours of the 22nd Light Horse. (See enlargement.)

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