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Anzac Day craft activities for students: wreath and poppy making


Poppies and wreaths

Poppy-making activities (
Includes links to many more poppy-making craft activities, grouped by type of material such as tissue paper, crepe paper, coffee filter. Includes activities using templates.

Poppy wreaths (
Links to more poppy-wreathmaking craft activities.

Wreath Making (

Wreath of roses. Leads to instructions and pdf file to download. (An Introduction to Anzac Day for Early Childhood)

Poppy Wreath (

Make Your Own Poppy [pdf, 0.1MB] (

From the Australian War Memorial.

Poppy Paper crafts (
Remembrance Day or Veterans Day Crafts
Poppy paper craft activities, including printable poppy templates.

Heart Poppy Paper Craft (

Links to templates are at the bottom of the page.

How to Make Natural Green Wreaths (

See also our

  Computing exercise Create a Poppy Wreath using Microsoft Word



Jigsaws to print (
Print out and cut out the pieces for remembrance jigsaw puzzles. Some suitable for Anzac Day.


Some other activities:

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To Anzac Day Websites main page


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